Astrotrain toy in Transformers: Generation 1.

Transformers Generation 1Edit

Astrotrain creates confusion. Astrotrain can transform into a locomotive and a space shuttle. Astrotrain likes Autobots chasing him and escapes in shuttle mode. He can go 20,000 miles per hour. Astrotrain can shoot satellites and missles. If Astrotrain has more fuel, he can go up to 50,000 per hour. "It makes it worthwhile. That part I enjoy even better than destroying him afterwards," Astrotrain says. Sometimes Astrotrain's fuel can be empty as a space shuttle. That is his weakness.


Astrotrain toy in Transformers: Generation 1.

Transformers ClassicsEdit

Astrotrain was a toy in Transformers Classics.

Transformers WarriorsEdit

Astrotrain was a train and a space shuttle. KakuryÀ« tries to make friends with Astrotrain, but Astrotrain says ,"I need to be alone when I fight". Sometimes Astrotrain plays "Hide and go Seek" with the Autobots when he is in major danger. The Quintessons wanted Astrotrain to be a minion, instead Astrotrain dies by Sharkticons on comic issue #75.

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