Transformers: Generation 1Edit

Blades is a Protectbot. Also he acts tough and rough to his enemies. On the Marvel Comics, he appeared on issue #24,Afterdeath. He was last seen on issue #36, Spacehikers. The Protectbots were seen on the beginning of season 2. He was last seen helping Ultra Magnus at the ditch to stop Galvatron.

=Generation 2Edit

Blades was seen on the first comic, then he was last seen on issue #6. Also there has been a Blades Generation 1 toy that has been never released.

Transformers: WarriorsEdit

Blades was seen on issue #59, Defensor Attacks. Runamuck blocks himself from Chromedome. Shouki was running away from Tarantulas and Snapdragon. Defensor had showed up at the end attacking the Decepticons.

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