Transformers: Generation 1 Shouki.

Transformers: Generation 1Edit

Shouki is an Trainbot that can defeat his enemies on super speed. He can travel through the Space Bridge with his brother, Yukikaze, in a jiffy! Personally, he can be irresponsible. Shouki appeared in 3 comics and 27 cartoon episodes.

Transformers: WarriorsEdit

Rhino can trust Shouki. As a good friend, Shouki starts to help Rhino with his battles. On comic book #80, Optimus Prime sends Groundbreaker to go to Boston, Massachusetts to stop the Stunticons terrorizing the city. Shouki, and the others went with Groundbreaker. They all transformerd to Raiden and ran through the city. K-9 disapeared in the shadows while Raiden finds the Stunticons. That was Shouki's favorite battle.

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